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Prices shift, frequently.  Not a ton, but, occasionally different retailers’ prices will change making another retailer slightly cheaper.  I look at 4 different online retailers (none of whom are sponsoring this post) to see who is the cheapest before I purchase.  


  • Adorama and B&H are almost always priced exactly the same and are very competitive overall.

  • Amazon sells some film themselves, but most is from individual sellers increasing the cost.

  • KEH also sells some film, but their stock is extremely limited.

  • Freestyle Photographic Supply carries the largest stock, at a reasonable price.


Here are the latest prices of some popular Black and White films from different retailers for June 2015.  This does not take into account shipping costs, because many retailers offer free shipping over $XX.00.  


B&H or Adorama are currently the cheapest across the board for film.  Sometimes substantially so, and currently B&H is doing a pretty good job of stocking darkroom/film related items.  Freestyle photographic supply sells rebranded films under the Arista brand that is really great to experiment with because of the discounted price and offers decent quality.  


One caveat, 35mm film can be a little tricky on pricing.  I have found 36 exposure rolls are cheaper by the frame, but bulk loading your own can offer substantial cost savings.  More on that to come!  


Whatever you shoot, wherever it comes from, get out and shoot!


-Dr. Frankenfilm

Where to Buy Film

Shooting film can be expensive.  


Not debilitatingly so, but it can be expensive.  So, in an age where $8 buys a 16gb SD card that will let you take, delete, take, delete, take, del… (you get the point), keeping costs low can help keep a camera in your hand and not on the shelf.  


So, how?  I can’t (won’t) talk about developing costs, because of the myriad of factors involved in pricing.  However, here are a few of my observations on keeping the cost of film down in the US market.