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For starters, it's me.  I'm Kyle Agee.  I'm a photographer, maker, teacher, and life-long film photography lover.  


Dr Frankenfilm came to be from a number of conversations with photography students who expressed interest in film photography, but lacked the equipment and knowledge of how to go about doing it.  For them, they were just waiting to take the first darkroom class.  But what about folks not enrolled in a photography program?


I hated the thought of people WANTING to shoot film, but being unable to!  So, I made a few calls and got a few other film freaks on board and collectively we'll put our knowledge out there.  We promise to create quality, comprehensive, photographic information for free from photography instructors.  Shooting film shouldn't be hard to get started doing.    


Want to keep in touch?  Like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, or follow us on Tumblr.  Email us here!  Got something to contribute?  We'd love to hear from you!  Thanks for checking us out!  


- Dr Frankenfilm

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